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Evening everyone.


Many of you know me from past events and various things to do with epic and before epic; and some of you don't. This is not important.


What's important is the fact that i've attended almost EVERY event that epic.LAN has put on and a large number of events that have been run by the team before epic.LAN; so I kinda know what i'm talking about here.


Regarding the epic.FOURTEEN; yes there were problems, problems that shouldn't have happened and could maybe have been avoided and will be avoided in future. I'd just like to thank each and everyone for attending the event and I hope to see you back at future events.


What I cannot stand is people trying to take 'sides' and getting insulting towards each other, for some reason this seems to have happened a lot more this event and it needs to stop.


So when we publish topics such as the feedback threads and what not, it is an OPEN topic, which means; if people had issues with the event, such as the internet then they should be allowed to mention this in their post, because hey; it was an issue for them, they paid for a ticket they are ENTITLED to an opinion. It's effectively saying like, you came to LAN knowing there was music playing in the main areas, don't moan there wasn't stuff you didn't like.


On the other-hand of this, can people please stop taking aim at each other; i'm seeing things like 'get off your high-horse' and 'change your attitude buddy' and other phrases being used in a not nice way towards both long-standing members of the community and people that have joined us for their first event.


Can we all please, for the sake of epic and the community, accept what happened at this LAN, OPENLY discuss it without feeling the need to defend or take aim at individuals and move on.


Everything is taken on board from the feedback threads and surveys by all of the epic.TEAM and I can assure you; we'll do our god damn best to improve on the next event.



Peace, love and hugs.




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Similar to what I put down on Kanes thread during the event. No need to witch hunt - People have opinions and feedback - As long as it's constructive and isn't total flame then it deserves to be noted.

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Making mistakes is human, its what we do to fix them that shows who we are!


This, very much this.

Yes the technical issues may have been a slight annoyance for some or a hair-pulling rage for others. The Epic guys/gals are great at what they do and you can rest in peace knowing that they will move the earth to resolve issues and prevent them from occurring again.


I just want to say you did great work guys - thanks for the longer than normal hours I imagine you will have put in to resolve the situation for the remaining days of lan.


Keep up the great work :D

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