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[Event Production] Audio Production @ epic.FOURTEEN

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Hey guys!


In case you didn't know, i'm Haden and I'm mainly in charge of the audio systems @ the epic.events.


I'd just like to take the time to first of all apologise for the problems we faced at epic with regards to audio, there were a number of issues with both the streaming systems, announcements and speaker systems at this event and we're looking to fix these quite soon to provide a lot better production for epic.FIFTEEN.



Speakers in Gallery

The speakers in gallery were distorting a large amount and we seem to have lost almost all audio in one of the speakers, this was due to a significant cable failure within a connecting cable loop in the ceiling of the gallery, this cable will be replaced for next LAN and the amp to speaker configuration revised. Many people also commented that announcements and the opening ceremony were not too clear through the speakers, this was also down to the cable in the ceiling causing issues, so replacing this should solve these issues.


Speakers in Lakeside

There were some issues on Thursday with audio in Lakeside, initially this was a problem due to the audio device supplying the music, and later a cable issue when the audio device was switched; both were resolved by the evening; however upon activating the music stream from Lakeside there appeared to be an audio quality issue when receiving the stream; a separate streaming solution is being set-up for the next LAN.


Announcement Streams

Some people had noticed that there were no announcement streams running at this event, this is wholly my fault and I apologise. The announcement stream is a bit complicated as it involves getting the announcements from Lakeside, and Gallery and merging the two together and sending it out on an announcement stream whilst also making sure both Lakeside and Gallery output the announcements real-time from the microphone but not the announcement stream. This will be resolved by the separate streaming solution mentioned earlier.


Music Playlists / Requests

I've seen a few comments about the music being majorly different to the last few epic events; the library was reviewed and updated accordingly for epic.14; however we had a new machine and the rotation rules for music weren't able to be carried over when we switched to the new machine; i'll be making some new configuration and rotation rules before the next whilst also making sure we have a wider variety of music to run from.




Apart from these issues, the majority of audio production at epic.FOURTEEN went to plan; and as stated above i'll be making sure we fix the issues we found during epic.FOURTEEN to make epic.FIFTEEN a lot more pleasurable for your ears!


However if you do have any more suggestions, ideas or concerns / issues regarding the audio production at epic.FOURTEEN make sure you highlight them in our Feedback surveys and Good / Bad & Ugly threads and i'll see what I can do!


Many thanks everyone :)



Edited by Haden
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Are any of the DJ sets available for download? :)


My understanding is that there is some content that is still on the machines that is going to be sorted out shortly. 

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Correct - Any videos we do have of the DJ sets will be on our media server. I'll be getting them this weekend and seeing if we've captured them.

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That'd be ace, I'd love to hear Soberchief's set in full and I completely missed Joe's!


I'm not bothered about Winbar's. Don't worry about that one. ;)

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My set cocked up on the penultimate track. My laptop was complaining about playing 2 tracks, queuing up a 3rd and beat matching. It :(. But the rest should be good ;)

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