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Fantastic event!

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Oh well, pretty much all worked out in the end and I know you were working damn hard to get food out :)

Next time it might be an idea to actually restrict what people take away at each visit as I saw quite a few taking two burgers which was just selfish IMO when they were in such short supply.

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Niax never got his achievement for that)

Will sort that out for niax later as there are a few other achievements which will need to be given for the photo and video competition winners as well..

How do we see achievements now, without the intranet? Are they on here somewhere?


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The great

Decorate your desk competition and being accused of cheating (how you cheat with decorating your desk I don't know)

Epic.Quiz was fun in places, again being accused of cheating after coming third/fourth was amusing.

Hadens mum jokes

Hadens xbox round trip only to have it red ring

Winbar actually remembering veggi stuff for the bbq

Sorting out epic.breakfast for the Sat and Sun

Seeing Greame from Kustom in shock after downing a pint


Being smacked down after buying Narella a pot of Nuttella then finding out she is lactose intolerant :-(

Not being staff for an event so not having to stay up all night!

Playing prop hunt on italy being the bike and going behind the hunters!

Dunceantix juggling coconuts with Blind trying to take a photo of it

Achievments are great, just need someway of getting to them rather than having to go to http://www.epiclan.co.uk/profile/Nivek (and yes I do like to sleep in my chair)

The Bad

Personally I got very bored at times, which did result in forcing Dunceantix to buy Company of heroes and having a good few comp stomp games of that.

Network performance was poor in places at the start of the event, it did take a while for the issues to be sorted rather than blaming it on people on DC

not once was my wristband checked something that happened all the time before.

It seemed that only two or three big games organised, 2 big games of tf2, both filling the only 32man server, why not create another server with a redirect so that once one is full it directs people to the other. (on our row I could see at least 4 people waiting to get in)

epic.quiz hard very hard in places, and we came top 5 overall, dunno how other felt. But liked the bonus round where you only have one guess.

At the time when the hunt was on there seemed to be a focus on that than the rest of the lan, the majority of the lan didn't take part in it you just have to look at the achievements to show that.

Lack of messages on internal / external irc about things going on, even though how close I was to the stage, I couldn't hear announcements over my game music.

Greame from Kustom sat in front of the kettle but not making cups of tea!

No Pool tables, I even remembered my pool cue this time!

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Nivek, it's the thought that counts. Maybe one day I can eat it - it'll be in date for a while! I didn't smack you down technically, just tried to let you down gently as possible. I'll hug you next time, is that ok? :P

Spare pool tables couldn't fit through the door so that sucked! Geo was apparently going to kick my arse ;)

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Keep the feedback coming in folks, here's a few comments on some of the points raised so far.

Power Failure

There were 3 outages at the event which were difficult to diagnose as they weren't tripping on the local breakers in the hall so therefore we couldn't pinpoint the exact problems. After the 2nd outage we made the best possible estimate as to where to distribute the power which remained stable for 24hrs. At the 3rd outage there hadn't been any changes in the room and therefore remained unexplained but after resetting again the power remained fine for the rest of the event.

Resolution - The new venue has plenty of spare power available in a custom designed power setup for such events and therefore we don't envisage any further issues.

Network Issues

We apologise for the network issues and clearly this is an area for improvement needed. I wasn't aware that any area was uplinked at 100mbps and I will be investigating why this happened. Some of the switches at the event had also been incorrectly configured which caused some of the higher pings.

Resolution - There will be more investment in the network ready for epic.THREE to minimise these disruptions. However, in doing our bit, participants also need to remember that we design the network for gaming which does not require high bandwidth. I also want to work on how issues are reported and investigated by the staff team by clarifying the help desk/escalation process within our team.

Big Games

As some of you may know, epic.THREE will be the 30th event that I've organised and through those various events, I've tried a number of methods for keeping games going from a detailed advanced schedule to random shout-outs on the day and there isn't a one-size fits solution. Any sort of gaming programme needs people to join in and there were shout-outs that I heard which weren't supported by anybody. I'm willing to try some sort of scheduling again for epic.THREE to see if this works.

Don't forget though, it shouldn't always be the staff who set up and run all of the games, in fact I can think of plenty of events where no effort is made to get everybody in playing games. Any of you can set up a game and get people playing, and we were happy to announce this for people. The intranet is also constantly querying the network for games servers so you can see what people are playing too.


It's a conscious decision not to post a list of the available achievements to prevent "whoring", it's quite nice just to have the random awarding to surprise people.


These will be sorted at epic.THREE to have banquet/padded style. Tables are unlikely to be changed without further price increases, we have to hire these in and there is a cost to that and we don't want to be charging any more right now for the event.

Event Communications

I'm looking at how to use the projector in a different way for epic.THREE, so rather than a rotating PowerPoint we have something a little more dynamic that queries the intranet and looks at what servers are running, perhaps posts mini "Twitter-style" messages that can be used to help people running games. I'd like internal IRC to be sorted as well for people to sort out games and comms within the event.

PA System Announcements

We made some significant improvements to the PA system this time from epic.ONE but we were having some issues with the mixer. I've got a pretty good idea what needs to be done to clear up the sound and make it easier to bin the music easily while announcements are being made. So this will be sorted for epic.THREE

Pool Tables

Sorry! When we arrived at the venue, like many things in preparation for the decommissioning of the building they had been removed. We made a number of efforts to get some replacements, but they weren't successful at the notice we had.

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The network was mostly OK but there were times it was slow which I assume to be people using the net connection for downloads.

I like your ideas about the event communications. I would personally like to receive twitter messages regarding competitions etc. IRC would be useful if we could have a web interface for those people that dont have an IRC client installed. Basically click the IRC link and a new window opens with the chat and you have been logged in with your epic name already.

There was a lot of gas about so attach some pipes to the chairs and use it all to generate some electricity :lol:

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Regards the hunt, whilst I didn't take part (my brain just isn't wired for that kind of thing) I think the split format was much better this time as it meant it didn't take up as much time on one day.

I thought the music was perfect - much better volume than last time due to superior quality and content was good. Did take a while to realise requests should be made in the Quakenet IRC channel rather than the (totally dead) local one. What exactly was the point of a local IRC server when everyone was using the Quakenet one? :)

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The local server wasn't set up in time and it's easier to spaff things locally than mixed up in general conversation in the external one, for those people not at the LAN they probably don't want all that constant spam if they aren't at the event.

It also allows us to set up a lot more mini channels for specific things.

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Vardy playing PvZ with half the quiz watching him



Brandies Bar



Bar Staff

Desk space once i realised the people opposite me weren't coming!


Tower Defence

HoN finally working

TF2 Big Games (WTB Moar slots)

Sleeping Room


Leaving stuff at Venue whilst taxiing omni


Winbar's mum

Power cuts of oddness

Network of oddness and slowness

Music needs an automated way of making requests? Surely in this day and age theres some jukebox software with a web interface?


Weather on both Journeys

660 mile round trip

HoN not working due to transparent proxies.

Not enough BOTA


Riot's snoring of doom

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Yeah, Geo reported the slow internet to Murray who just said it was running fine. A few of us reported terrible download/upload speeds, that was just shrugged off.

It was only when I told Winbar our whole row was pinging 200 on a local LAN server and it was unplayable that anyone took it seriously and even then it took more complaints to other staff members to get it fixed as Murray was away ill at the time.

I completed Plants vs Zombies on the first night because there was nothing else we could do.

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I'll be raising those issues with the staff team during our briefing Zorg, like i've said in my comments above, the network itself will be invested in, but how issues are handled need looking at as well.

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despite getting there a bit late on friday because of work i still had a great time. allthough im curiouse as to why the sleeping room had stacked up padded chairs and we had plastic ones :P. would have been nice to get a few CoH games in too :D

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I made sooooooo many announcements about the cake! Was on Saturday Night after the quiz, and still some left on Sunday morning!

That was my lunch :)

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BBQ of win... I didn't bother rushing in the first queue and got plenty of everything I could desire. Happy with how long it took etc.. gave me more time to stand around and banter with people. Plus steaks done as I desire is a brilliant option - "Flip!".

The Captain gave me power!

Boobs. Everywhere. I demand more in future ;-P

Row of EVE power! So much theorycrafting it was awesome.

Everyone else who went.

Trying out Gunsmith's G25... admittedly I want one now.

The epic.staff team. There are no other small lan events with 24 hour staffing or such a consistent presence. Great handling of the power/network issues and a solid attempt to keep the atmosphere consistently up. Well done for an epic effort.

All the other staff at Alsager... yes we got some odd looks but they were generally quite friendly. If a bit confused.


Music was too loud... sound levels need to be better balanced.

Epic.shop running out of water. I need my miracle hangover cure you bastards!

No hand drying facilities in the toilets for most of the LAN. Especially in flu season ;-P

No black pudding in our breakfasts :-/ I thought Alsager was far enough north for it to be mandatory!

Stealth bar price rise. Didn't realise until Saturday when I happened to peruse the bar price list but a double of spirits was 2.50 on the list and 3.50 at the bar.

Packdown day being full of rain. :(


My credit card bill.

My hangover on Sunday which made a 2.5 hour trip home take 5 hours (naps, food and coffee all required)

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-Turning up after it seems the network issues were mostly sorted.

-Seperate sleeping area meaning the space behind me wasn't crammed with beds/bedding like epic.ONE.

-Choice of music (well, 95% of the time at least).

-Net connection speed/stability. Pulled as many updates as poss before arriving, but getting 100kbyte/sec when I did need to down the odd thing in a room with 100 gamers in is great IMO.

-Staff/Winbar. OK perhaps there were a few issues, but these peeps put in a buttload of effort for what is essentially a labour of love, and I have nothing but respect for them for that. If you were getting paid a couple of hundred quid each for the duration then perhaps I'd feel some of the issues should carry some more weight, but I think we all know there's just not that much money in the epic.MONEYPOT

-Successfully convincing my girlfriend to try a proper LAN (not just the 10 person ones at my flat), hopefully she's hooked. Thanks all for not scaring her off :)

-Finding out that my bro has now signed up for epic.THREE as well.

-BBQ, tasty tasty...OK, bit of a wait to get what I wanted, but you try supplying 70'odd people that all want feeding at the same time. Doubt a macdonalds could have done it much faster, and I know which of the two I'd prefer. Looking forward to the next NOM fest.

-Fellow LANers...Tis my fourth LAN with this group (two CLUK's before epic) and I feel much less like a n00b to the group than before.

Not so good:

-Not being able to locate my roofbox keys before setting off Thursday evening....Four people, three full towers and a midi tower & screens, and 4 x a weekend of related camping, bedding, food, drink, clothing...epic.SNUG...as anyone that saw me packing on Sunday will vouch for :)

-Getting a headache both Saturday and Sunday. Wasn't alcohol, caffeine doesn't do that to me, so I wonder if it was a combo of seemingly darker-than-usual room contrasted with bright stage spotlight shining pretty much straight at me. I never thought to pack sunglasses :)

-Music volume a *bit* too loud sometimes...Lots of bleed-over through some people's mic's during L4D tourney.

-Structure/awareness of big games. I gathered there was some info on an IRC channel of some stuff that was going on, but as others have said, I would imagine a well-publicised timetable of at least a few would help to generate interest, in addition to the adhoc ones people just setup and shout out about.

-L4D tourney taking too long...I know it does just take a long time to play, but I must have been playing it competitively for 7-8 hours on Saturday alone, so if it's possible to restructure it at all to try and reduce this, it's probably worth thinking about.

-Ambient temperature in the hall...Racecourse was much cooler from what I remember, so hopefully the venue change will help that.

-Pub quiz did feel very long (wasn't in it this time as was getting pizza for my L4D team, as the quiz time was the main suitable slot). Was surprised to see the 90 minute comment earlier in this thread.


-Bashing skillz of daftchip and co...You guys are just too damn good :) Though just FYI, save the wear on your bind key....We know it's happened, because we're watching the spawn countdown timer ;)

-*That* picture of swyft...Not what my headache needed :D


Perfect balance in terms of atmosphere just like epic.ONE, so well done again, and joking aside, nothing I'd actually mark up as a true negative, which is more than I could say for one of the CLUK's I went to (that one should have been called CS.LUK :)...Keep this up and I'll never want to miss a single epic.

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The Epic

All the staff for the time and effort in making another great LAN and the new venue.

BBQ and steak cooked to how you wanted it.

Kustom PC's making the trip down.


New people old faces great atmosphere.

Music was good as always.

Pub quiz we didn't come last yayy!

A sleeping room.

Few games played.


Bar staff.


Boatrace but I hate to see the video with the creamy bit of Guinness on my head.


Being singled out on werewolves for wearing a hat.

Raining when the BBQ was going on and raining when leaving.


Power cuts + network issues (All revolved in good time though)

Some old guy smacked into the back of the car when I was reversing out of Tesco's car park.


Vomit outside by the bar woke up and saw that outside from the sleeping room not nice.

The wasps that were in the sleeping room.

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Guest daftchip


Vomit outside by the bar woke up and saw that outside from the sleeping room not nice.

hi stokie lol!

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Because the vegetarian stuff had to be cooked first so that it wasn't in contact with any of the other food.

Thank you for the vegetarian food.

You cooked a lot more of it than we could eat, but it was very welcome.

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Guest LittleGem

My first Epic Lan and it was great. Everyone was very friendly, even those I have abused for years! From a spectator point of view it was good, although to see any big games I had to wander from player to player. The bar was sufficient, well until Quietus drank them out of most rum based drinks! The BBQ was well worth the wait and the banter in the queue helped the time pass quickly.

I can't wait for the next LAN. Thankyou for a great weekend.

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Meeting old friends and new people

Narella's brownies and hugs :)

Restocking the files after PC fail from last lan

Finding out someone was as sad as me and used to sing the airwolf tune whilst flying a chopper in bf2 8) .... Jay....

Team RageQuit and our 2nd place in the quiz

My new Saitex 3 keyboard! thanks Greame :D

The lan seats of win, albeit for the last night only!

Werewolve sheriff = whole village dies! Geo Wins!


Bad power cuts, they didn't affect me but still bad.

Epic fail switch of fail, please see Zorg's above comments ^^

No pool tourny, I wanted to hold me title by beating everyone again :twisted:

Everyone nominating me in werewolves :(

Poor quality guinness at the start of lan


The snoring in the sleeping area, some people really do have a problem.

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HoN working eventually - its pronounced HHHHHHHOOOOOHHHHNNNNNN like a seal calling

TF2 finally realising that Heavy is a good class and I own at it, my playtime for heavy was only 30 mins before the lan and is now 4 hours

Coming 4th in the quiz, again, we seem to be good at that.

Jedi Knight 2 pushing people off cliffs, over and over and over again

My first boat race and the staff losing hahahah!

Winning the hunt, though I did wonder at some of the reasoning behind the answers

Epic tunes were epic, i listen to background trance a LOT while on my pc so was very comfortable and welcoming, could do with something a bit mellower in the late evenings or early mornings, perhaps trip hop/ambient mixes


Power cuts, which seemed to only affect boxowin and the stage at one point, may bring a UPS next time!

Fail switches, though it was fixed

L4D tourney sign up confusion, though we got on with the epic hunt instead

Terrible beer selection, I was gagging for some real ale or even a half decent lager at the end, however it was cheaper than normal for such a captive audience

Coming 4th in the quiz, because some of the answers were wrong or the questions too vague, although id like to know our actual marking/scores for each round!

So.. far.. away.. struggle to make it there, but will try for epic3

Please do the games like JK2 earlier, or spread old games like that throughout the LAN for us nostalgic peeps. An announcement can get people more motivated to actually install it.


Draken getting my achivement for starting the boatrace, which made no sense whatsoever!

Rain, which actually helped destroy my monitor as I chucked it in the car in haste without properly packing - one corner is now cracked to hell

No kettle, what on earth! I NEED MY CUP OF TEA TO STAY ALIVE.

Need better kitchen facilities, at the very least I think itd be great to provide fresh milk in the mornings for a wake up cuppa and selling some kind of sarnies for lunchtime, I ended up eating utter crap each day

Am I the only person who sees the number of games on DC at an event devoted to a love of games and sees the death of the PC industry summed up? /controversial

Great event, much more than just gaming

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Just a point on the big screen/lights, from my position the screen was obscured by the lights, might be worth looking at that.

If leeching is a cause of lag, ask people to only do it over night perhaps, not that we leech at all.

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