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404Games presents The Gaming Drink Olympics

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AKA the shortcut to A&E.


With one week to go, LANticipation is at an all time high. Therefore it's time to announce our attempt to carry out the one true rule to LAN...




If you thought the 50 Turn Mario Party session we are hosting wasn't punishing enough, we are proud to also be hosting THE OFFICIAL 404 GAMING DRINK OLYMPICS.


The days are to be confirmed, but here is the events and their rules:


Round 1: Beerio Kart



Mario Kart 8/ Double Dash (to be decided on the day)

3 Laps

Racer must finish drink before end of race to qualify

Racer must come to complete stop to drink

Racer can drink anytime they want, as long as above rule is carried out


Losers round - Baby Park Booze Bonanza

The loser of each group is placed into the special losers round to attempt to redeem themselves.



Double Dash

Baby Park

9 laps

Every 3 laps, racer must take a shot/large drink



Round 2: Super Smashed Brothers



3 stock match

Any characters

Final destination/battleground

Items on (for extra chaos)

Drinks are consumed at end of match: 4th place = finish drink, 3rd = 2/3rds, 2nd = 1/3rd, 1st = safe.

In addition to the above players must drink for falls, double for self destructs and nominate for KO's.



Losers round: Kirby's Kolourful Kalamity


4 AI Kirbys of differing colours duke it out and the players place bets on who they think will win.



5 minute timed match

Drink when your kirby falls.



Round 3: Worms


You have 4 worms, you have a drink that can be easily consumed in quarters. Need I say more?


HARD MODE: 4 shots.


Loser's round: Ninja rope racing




Round 4: Bomberman



First to 5

1st place is the person who meets the above criteria, 2nd to the person who had the 2nd most wins at that time and so forth

Drink when exploded

Double if you are crushed by a falling block

Triple if you blow yourself up. This is bomberman, not ISIS tryouts.


No losers round for this one






Map and weaponset to be decided on the day

Drink when you die

Double drink for every dishonor you have at the end




1st place in group: 20 points

2nd: 15

3rd: 10

4th (winners of losers bracket): 5



Further rules:

You can enter these events as you like, you do not need to enter all of them. Furthermore, the winners of each round have their next drink decided for them by the people in the losers bracket.




If you are interested, post here or find us here:




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once again 404 attempts to get themselves and everyone else at Lan hospitalised

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Guest Pandora

Having watched this list of games grow over the past month on the 404 forums, every time I see it my liver shrivels a bit further. Please don't puke on me if you participate, I'll be the one wearing a raincoat and have an umbrella up.

Edited by Pandora

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Having "just" survived another LAN I think I watch this from the sidelines.

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Short notice for the events because THATS JUST HOW WE DO IT


Round 1: Beerio Kart will be beginning at around 21:20-21:30.



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Good News Everyone.


Super Smashed Bros begins in 10 minutes. Be at the far end of Lakeside within the next 10 minutes to secure a place!

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