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A 2 Movie Night

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Been to the cinema to see 2 films tonight, one line reviews.


London Has Fallen. 

Absolutely f**king sh**te.


Triple 9.

Decent caper, only saved by Casey Affleck. 




I wish I had stayed at home and watched the Twitch channel!

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You missed Beej being a bear!

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A number of LHF issues.



It's just American Jingoistic garbage

  • In 1st movie (which I enjoyed as a bit of popcorn, brain off fluff), Mike Bannick (the Gerrard Butler character) is like an uncle to the President's son. In this one, when the Pres talks about his son Butler seems not to know him.
  • The President arrives at St Pauls for the funeral but the Japanese PM is stuck in a traffic jam, the French is in a boat nr Westminster and the Italian is at the top of Westminster Abbey. WTF would they be in these positions AND how the F**K would the terrorists know that's where they were going to be?
  • The movie does a brilliant job of portraying the British as being incompetent and treacherous cowards
  • For what was meant to be a State Funeral (which gathers the world leaders in London), there lack of people on the streets is astounding. There are more live people on the Moon than in some of the shots of London.
  • The car chase is woeful going from St Pauls the wrong way down The Embankment to get to Somerset House (OK, that's pedantic but it annoyed me)
  • Marine One is shot down after 10 mins flying time landing (conveniently in a park) but after short jog they're breaking into a closed Charing Cross tube station
  • Amazingly, the nearest American Rapid Response Unit is 2 hours away in Italy. Really? Even I know American Embassy in London has it's own Marine detachment. Hey, lets not think about using local assets.
  • If there was a State occasion (wedding / funeral), then there would be UK Special Forces on full alert, ready to respond. Shall we contact them for assistance? Er, no.
  • Oh wait, lets wait until The President has been captured by the baddies (no one explains where all the 100's of baddies have come from), suddenly appear on foot as a SAS team. 
  • SAS team? SAS team!? May as well have been Barbie Dolls with toy guns; they were useless!
  • The Butler character goes into the terrorist stronghold as a one man strike team, leaving the SAS outside and (would you believe it?), he saves the day!




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Spoiler tags for you :)

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