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Capt America: Civil War. READ THE WARNING!

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Warning - Do NOT watch this trailer if you don't like spoilers!!!


I usually really like trailers but this one, in my opinion, gives too much away. That's why I have not added a direct link. Click on it at your peril.









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The Batman vs Superman i feel gives a lot more away, the latter ones have been a lot more reserved.



If you are on about the web slinger at the end, it has been announced a fair bit he is in it. Also he is a massive part to the Civil War comic so he needed to be in it!


I thought the trailer showed just enough and made me want to see it more and more!

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Oh f**k me!


Oh my fudging god!


What a, what a ....


Monumental waste of cinema time Civil War is!! I can't believe how boring this is. Bored? I was virtually comatose. How can a Marvel movie be this dull?! Captain America:Civil War should have been called Tony Stark:I'm Feeling Guilty. 


One of the complaints about the introduction of Diana Prince/Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman was that people didn't understand where she came from. WTF did Black Panther come from? What is his story, his background? Oh no, he's just there suited and booted kicking ass. At least in BvS there was some background for WW.


Then there is Spiderman. Used in one fight scene and one only. Just a gimic to bring him into the story line and wrestle the rights from Sony. 


The movie is far too long, there are far too many long (and VERY) dull conversations and criminally, this 'Capt America' movie is MORE about Tony Stark. The plot is as thin as fleas tights and the 'twist' can be seen from Alpha Centauri whilst wearing a blind fold and 3km down a mine shaft.  


I was that fed up that I couldn't even be arsed to stay for the fabled Marvel post credits reveal. 


Absolute Garbage!

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I must admit Elsie I do agree with you here.


For a non-comic reader there was alot of holes in the plot I didn't understand. I wont list them here as I want to keep this relatively spoiler free!


It just felt like it dragged on and on.


Not to mention the fight scene with Spiderman etc was the best one in the entire film and completely over shadowed the ending fight scene which was just very meh.


People on my friends list have been going crazy for this film.


I thought it was garbage.


Make up your own mind I guess...



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