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Flash/Arrow/LoT finales of S2/S4/S1 - Potential Spoilers

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So I finally sat down on Sunday evening to do a mega watch of the three season finales.


I've enjoyed each of the respective seasons so far for each of the three, although there is a clear divide in quality between certain shows.


Legends of Tomorrow


With the duration of the show's premise, the storylines throughout and stopping Savage, there is a minute feeling inside of me that feels that the Savage Vs The LoT Team fight isn't that long and is wrapped up a bit too quickly. However I liked the interesting touch on putting the team in their respective places and Rip going solo for the sake of it. The Sara Lance story throughout the season has been one of intrigue, she is the skilled warrior fueled by her family love, and has been struggling to identify where she wants to be in the long term, I liked the handling in Sara being told about Laurel and how she used that to get back on the ship with Rip.


There was a lot to like, but as I said, Vandal got shut down too quickly and too easily and his plans overthrown quickly for unnecessary end padding to the show.


The Flash


There is something incredible about this show, it pulls at the heartstrings like no other show I've come across bar probably Stargate for me. The cast, and the characters they portray have a real sense of family feel, and you can tell that the decision to lock Barry up for his own good was a hard decision, but the correct one. After losing his Dad, not long after he has got him out of prison and fulfilled what he set out to do, it would eat you up and the rage would take a grapple hold of you. These shows work for me when they keep the realistic tone and the human things you as a person would do. For the people you love, you would go to the ends of the Earth or the end of time to get them back, and that strikes a chord for me when seeing Barry like he was.


The Zoom master plan was a trick of genius and once again, every fight was realised to it's full potential. (Although I do have one minor criticism about the opening fight scene where it looked a little CGI heavy). The fight scenes, the race were incredible from start to finish. 


There is one major flaw through this episode, and until I re-watch the entirety of Season 2, I will point out that the "Death Wraiths" that took Zoom from the world and ate him up, weren't really well plotted throughout the season. I know that we had a minor explanation in one of the previous episodes, but it almost felt like a cop out. They could have perhaps explained it a little more thoroughly in the Speedforce centric episode which could have outlined some potential consequences of going against the Speedforce.


The Iris/Barry scenes were once again some of the highlights too, as they were in Season 1. I love the chemistry between Candice & Grant and feel that their "love story" has been certainly well thought out over both seasons compared to other shows (*cough* looks at Arrow).


In my opinion, the best of all three show finales, and the most complete. Plus the cliffhanger/twist really left you with the WTF, although some of us can and should be able to realise how it could all go down in a few months time (despite a lot of fans wanting to rewrite a certain shows history over the last two seasons).




Where do I start?


I largely enjoyed Season 3 for all it's intriguing storylines and issues it presented, and many of the Subreddit fans just couldn't see. For the bulk of Season 4, I have enjoyed immensely although it's been quite clear that there is something strangely wrong with the show.


I say that because I have enjoyed the show immensely and felt there was always an interesting narrative to Oliver's story, however there have been some critical mistakes made this season.


  • The Flashbacks - For Seasons 1 & 2, the flashbacks were probably the single best thing about the show, they showed the struggles that Oliver had, the threats he faced, and the decisions he had to make. However Season 3 we saw him largely off the island, whilst this season, he's been back on the island, taking down another military threat, and one that made very little impact to the current day proceedings. In Season 1, it was why Oliver was doing this, in Season 2, the flashbacks were around revealing Slade's demise and revenge citations, but in Seasons 3 & 4 it's just been too slow, too overdrawn, and not enough going on to justify. There were some good highlights, the Laurel episode had some fantastic flashbacks, and was nice to see more of Laurel/Oliver and the Constantine episode where we see Matt Ryan just own the role once again.
  • Oliver/Felicity - I've never had issues with the love triangles in shows, and I've never had issues with fans being rewarded for "shipping" certain characters in shows. However there was a moment in the mid-season section of the show, where Felicity after taking an experimental drug, manages to regain her use of her legs and just walks out on Oliver.... leaving the chair in the room facing him. For me, that was completely unnecessary, not even relatable, and just plain stupid. They could have simply left the episode with Oliver's message to William and it would have been enough to pull at heartstrings, but the final scene of that episode just leaves you jarred and in a rather awkward position.
  • Lack of Arrows - For a show that is about a green hooded vigilante called Green Arrow, he hardly shot any arrows this season in any particular scene until the finale where he shot hundreds.
  • The disconnect - So we know that Arrow/Flash and LoT are connected and are in the same universe........ yet in that same universe we see a lack of connection between those shows and their impending deaths. The grave scene in Laurels episode where Barry shows up and then speeds off said it all, because at that time in our timeline (from our perspective), Barry had lost all his powers after giving his speed to Zoom. HELLO?!!?!?!?! Not to mention the issues around these nukes apparently coming around killing every part of the world, but nothing over Central City?


There are some high points of this season, Neal McDonough, was incredible as Damien Darkh. He simply was a brilliant person to play Darkh, and was the highlight of any scene throughout the season.


On the finale itself, despite some of the issues I've noted above, it managed to wrap everything up, and even though the team was broken up at the end, it was interesting to see all their own personal demons come to blow in the finale. Very intimate and had the consequences it needed. However next season needs a re-think in terms of writing, because some of the poorer moments let this season down and just made it feel so underwhelming as a whole.

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Good post Gump.


I put off reading this until I was up to date also.


Legends Of Tomorrow has been consistent throughout, the story did get a bit dry in places. But all round I kept going back for more.

I'm hoping for a stronger season 2 however.


The Flash had the strongest season finale IMO. 


Arrow I'm not too sure on at this point. The story line felt very weak and I agree regarding the Oliver flash backs. It didn't really serve any purpose and it feels like they are just doing flash backs now because it's 'what they do' and 'have always done it'.

IMO unless the flash backs get a stronger story line it's probably worth just not doing it at all.


All in all I enjoyed all three, though admitedly for those that watch it The 100 has been my favorite recent season finale!

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