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epic.EIGHTEEN - The good, the bad, and the ugly

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it's that time again people, the time during which the post lan blues have set in, and we look towards the next event in order to find salvation. 


The Good - 

  • Kettering once again, were perfect, they really seem to have learn't and worked on all of their past flaws. staff and facilities all in working order. served breakfast with smiles every morning.
  • epic staff, flawless performance throughout once again. never wanting

  • having the porch area again. its my tranquil little spot, a deck chair and a beer with a couple of friends is heavenly to me.

  • you guys didn't break the pinball machine this time.

  • the weather just kept getting better

  • the broad array of drinks available and the jugs of ale, im really sorry i didn't get one this time but please kettering keep doing them. 



The Bad-

  • The heat, the back of fairisle got hot, and i mean hot, it was damn near unbearable on Saturday night. closing the bar side doors only worsened the issue in the south end of the room, a couple of well placed fans could have reduced the air stagnation greatly.
  • the shouting, i don't mind a good cheer when a play goes well, but shouting NICE!!! every 30 seconds became tiresome the second time it was shouted at the top of their voices. fucking hush for goodness sake. we made our fair share of noise too, but it was to drown out the other mf's.
  • the fact i really can't come up with more bad things. and god damn i tried.



  • the girl that got herself in a right mess, know your limits folks, and look after yourself. 



Epic 18 was the first event in a very long time where i just felt as though i could really relax. really enjoy myself and feel the freedoms that attending festival style Lan's bring. that goes to show quite how good it was the fact that the complaints were out of the hosts hands for the most part just goes to show quite how far the event has come along and continues to improve. the hardest thing from here on will be to move forward. go beyond and somehow out do. me personally, just keep up the good work everyone. 













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the good:-


dangerous golf(thanks joeshow)

jackbox games


the bad:-

missing prophunt(argggggggg)

the ugly:-



the wicked:-


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The Good

> Seeing all your lovely faces again!

> The catering, pretty much spot on :)

> Having the showers to myself every time I used them. Lots of Disney singing happened. 

> All the clips and photos I received for bitesize content. You guys are awesome.

> Being bought too many drinks from you guys because "you don't ask us to be on camera after a few pints".


The Bad

> Missing the boat race due to my laptop throwing a tantrum mid-upload.

> Nearly injuring a few of the staff during packdown. Sorrrrrrrrryyyy.

> My PIC @gunmens not being there for the whole weekend. Sad gitsie.

> 4pm Sunday :'(


The Ugly

> The ladies toilets on Saturday morning

> Being harassed by two Adlems

> Fake Adlem getting topless

> Bees in the campsite

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The Good


The staff.  KCC folk were good as ever but the epic guys do it for free, and that's pretty awesome!  I'm basically too selfish to give up precious time off my day job to work at a LAN but that doesn't mean I don't appreciate those of you who do.  Thank you all, especially the unsung heroes who always seemed to be on the shop when I walked past!


The D&D stream.  I was pretty anxious sitting down to do it but think it went pretty well, would do it again.  I've now got even more respect for the stream team folks for keeping us entertained.


Pub Quiz win. My third I think.  Time to swap up the questions guys and make it more of a challenge?


Special Effect.  Top blokes, great cause and I loved the leaderboard contest.


The Longstone crowd (even that indie game hipster @jobabob)


The Bad


Folk not making it @Robert  & Raz and Mcclane having to bail early.


Boat race lost :(


My hangover on Sunday, its detrimental affect on my GMing and enthusiasm for almost anything. I blame @ddanblack's jäger bombs.


The Ugly


The chair incident.  Clearly I still have a few more pounds to lose.  Fully expecting to be featured in a blooper reel at some point if anyone did catch it on camera!





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I suck at typage
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The Good


  • The people
  • The Lakeside atmospere
  • Bar staff
  • Catering seems to be getting better every event
  • Breakfast was spot on everyday
  • Big games


The Bad


  • Early morning shifts
  • Lots of junk food


The Ugly


  • The scary realisation that ddanblack is the good brother
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The Good

  • Getting to see everyone again, seems to be the best part for me. A great environment to catch up and have a few drinks ;)
  • Epic.Staff and KCC as usual, friendly and helpful. Ricky... just Ricky... Massive shoutout to @reech, you were just awesome the entire event, always willing to help and lend a hand. A great addition to the Lakeside Team!
  • Catering was great this event, tops the previous events!
  • DJ set with @Haden more jagerbombs are needed next time ;)
  • Genuinely, everything but the below, one of the best events, i wish it was an extra day longer!

The Bad

  • It went so dam fast!!! I woke up Saturday thinking we had another full day left...
  • I played possibly 6 hours combined of games this LAN, need to try harder!
  • My air bed still has a leak... need to fix this...
  • I didn't play any of the social timetable this event, missed out on a few decent big games :(


The Ugly

  • Nothing from me :)


Another awesome event guys, this one just seemed to flow so well and was a joy to attend. Also thanks for all the pictures @Mintopia @naysayerz @Winbar @Beej @Haden @Gumpster;)


 Role on October :D 



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More or less everything

The black barriers - not sure if these were event provided or the players brought them, fantastic, a million times better than cardboard




Noise at times.  Not a huge issue, we are at lan after all and it wouldn't be the same if teams weren't able to express themselves, but some teams were shouting at certain times just for the sake of it.

Internet.  We lost over a day of casting on Dota2 because Valve's functionality for local server is very poor and the internet wouldn't allow us to play on Lux or Austria.  It got fixed towards the end of lan.


The Ugly: 


The temperature at times.  Glad i wasn't playing when it was really warm in Fair Isle.  Not sure what can really be done about this.

The speedbumps.  Im sure every epiclan depreciates my cars value.  Recommend a new motorway exit direct from the M1 to Kettering conference centre.

https://www.epiclan.co.uk/epic18 - The 2nd place overwatch team should be named Marcelo Meli FC.  Showing disrespect like this to Marcelo Meli makes it harder to persuade him to attend UK lans.

Rime cop call in Mafia

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epic.LAN - does exactly what it says on the tin.



Loved being in Longstone (or as I think of it, LANception - a LAN within a LAN)

Catering was top banana - the breakfasts are great

All the staff at the KCC (esp Ricky & Amy) I applaud you for looking after us

The games of Insurgency, TF2, DoD:S, HL2:DM and @harisma's impromptu GRID:Autosort session were a lot of fun

When I wasn't interested in a big game, I was happily playing BF2 online thanks to the internet connection

My Magnificent 7th pub quiz win

The people in Bamburgh, esp those that dressed up for the opening and Quiz. Now THAT is how to attend a LAN. @Tardcommander@padkipz, @Idy & Co - I salute you! I am not worthy!! 



The pub quiz questions on Ant and (now allowed to swear) Dec - please can you let someone else do the entertainment round?!

My lack of sleep - I think I had 18 hours over the 3 nights and I didn't get to play Werewolves!

The buqqers in Longstone screwing the results in Quiplash ... Why you little! :P

Our shandy drinking American @JohnMcClane & the epic @gunmens having to leave early



Me. That cannot be argued with.


I'd like to say thanks to the epic and KCC teams for another great event - and a special thanks to the attendees in Bamburgh and Longstone for leaving the rooms so tidy! It made my job of packing them down so much easier.



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On 6/20/2016 at 13:26, eM said:
  • The scary realisation that ddanblack is the good brother

Forgot to say how much this made me laugh!



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Special Effect.  So good to see these guys spread the word about the good work they do to give severely disabled kids a better quality of life :)



The Good

I actually had a brilliant weekend this time.

Longstone - I don't know why they keep letting me back in :D

Kerbal Space Program - Land Speed Record Attempts and multiplayer space missions (I didn't take part in the space missions).


D&D, sadly finishing early, please bring a better voicebox next time M0rt.

KCC - food, mostly.  The BIG breakfast was something I didn't finish on any morning but had a damn good go at, the reason's in the name. :)

BigClan - sadly I only caught the closing moments of the pub quiz but these guys and gals always put on a good dress up show.


Quiplash - especially the audience, I didn't know we had an audience THAT big or that polarized.

On ‎21‎/‎06‎/‎2016 at 21:14, Elsie said:

Loved being in Longstone (or as I think of it, LANception - a LAN within a LAN)

The buqqers in Longstone screwing the results in Quiplash ... Why you little! :P

Ohh, you rascal Elsie, it was you who skewed the Quiplash results and upset princess Beej.  2 + 2 = 4, I think


@Gunmens turning up at the end of the LAN with caek, omnomnomnom...


The Bad


KCC - food, the "Chicken Korma" that wasn't.  It was acceptable but it wasn't a Korma.

That shandy drinking @JohnMcClane leaving early :(

Missing @gunmens for most of the LAN and @Astrolox for the whole LAN

Missed the opening Ceremony

Missed the pub quiz



The Butt Ugly


The vom in the sink in the "gents" toilet on Friday morning.



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+1 to the ugly list:


Throwing up in toilet sinks happens.  It'd be better if it didn't but it does


But please try your best to avoid the cold water sink, the one people brush their teeth and wash their faces in.

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