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My love for Star Wars is officially dead [No Rogue One Spoilers]

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In 1977 I watched Star Wars and fell in love with the characters.

In 1980 I, along with the rest of the pre-Internet world, was shocked at “No, I am your father”.

In 1983 I rejoiced as Palpatine was defeated and Anakin had a minor redemption.


In the intervening years I’ve read the books, the comics, the theories and devoured Star Wars material. As an adult I bought (and played with!) the toys; I still have an AT-AT, Falcon and X-Wing. If I can’t sleep I think about flying the Falcon through the asteroid field. Never tell me the odds!


The Timothy Zahn “Heir to the Empire” series of books picked up where the VII finished and continued the story of Luke, Leia and Han after the fall of the Empire. These books are still a damn good read, as are the Rogue Squadron books about Wedge Antilles.


Then Lucas made the prequels and, although I was annoyed at the inclusion of characters just to sell toys (Jar Jar), they were still recognisably Star Wars, it was the same story-verse. The arks of Qui -Gon, Obi Wan, Yoda, Mace Windu and the Jedi Council, the rise of Palpatine as a Sith Lord and apprentice of Darth Maul, Dooku and then young Skywalker was, in my opinion, done well. 


I do however, disbelieve Lucas when he claims to have “Planned all 9 stories before making IV” – that is pure bullsh!t.


I’ve already made my feelings on “The Force Awakens”, or rather “Star Wars Remade” well known. This first film from Disney was (from the very first shot) an awful, scene for scene rehash of IV, V & VI. It was written by committee to take all the best bits and make a Frankenstein version of Star Wars and just like the character with bolts and stitches holding it’s dead, rotting flesh together, it stinks. I watched it once at the cinema but have not re-watched it and never will. I’d already seen all these scenes as made by Lucas.


I fully admit that I didn’t have great hopes for Rogue One, I hadn’t bothered to read any of the hype or the internet theories. I hadn’t gone to see it on release day (which is a first for me) and was going to wait until after Christmas but people at work wanted to talk about it and my kids (21, 19 & 18 now) all wanted to go. 


From the very opening I was angry. No blast of John Williams Star Wars theme. No scrolling titles. WTF?! Isn't this supposed to be "A Star Wars Story"? The rest of the movie is spent using the word “Hope” and has pointless character cameos linking it to Episode IV but they don’t use William’s music!? Really? Occasionally, there are snippets of the theme but these get played in the wrong key and drift off into absolute garbage. I listen to soundtracks daily but this? An awful, truly poor score from someone (as MG has proved with Star Trek), that can do so much better.


As the film went on I kept shaking my head in disbelief. My 19 year old, whom I have raised on Star Wars looked at me at the same time and put his head into his hands with a “Dad, WTF!? look”. My 18 year old came out at the end as said “It was OK”. My daughter, who has never really been into Star Wars but likes movies said “It’s a bit better than the last one”. 


Me? I walked out around 8o% of the way through when the un-funny, annoying robot sidekick says “I have a bad feeling about this”. That’s it! Enough is enough! I’ll never watch the end of this film. Guess what? I don’t need to. They'll get the plans, they’ll probably find Leia and she’ll hide them in R2-D2 (RIP Kenny). Nothing new to see here – we know this happens as it’s at the start of IV.


As the title states, my love for Star Wars is officially dead and I know this means nothing to anyone but I feel as if the ideas and stories I loved are being dumped on (I’d like to use a stronger term) by this Disney crap. In the same way there are only 3 Indiana Jones movies, Star Wars is IV, V, VI, I, II & III – and the books. I urge you to read the Thrawn Trilogy of books as they ARE what Episode VI should have been.


Even though I have an Unlimited Cineworld ticket I’ll never register my bum on a seat for another Star Wars movie

I’ll never buy a piece of merchandise

I’ll only ever watch the original 6 that I already own.


I’m not prepared to give my money to the Disney corporation to continually dump on something that I had loved for almost 40 years.


Thanks Disney for truly f**king up one the pillars of my life.

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We'll have to agree to disagree again Elsie. 


I enjoyed it.  It's a film set in the Star Wars universe, I was surprised but not disappointed by the lack of Williams score (which I love) or the yellow crawl.  The film had a lot in common with the classic WW2 Movies which I was brought up on (and also influenced the original films)  and I thought the story played out pretty well.  I enjoyed the nods towards the original films, even if some of them are a bit blatant and cheesy.  Some of the effects aren't quite up to scratch to pull off what they tried to do either and I didn't feel they needed to dovetail it quite so neatly with the original (IV-VI) trilogy but I guess that's a marketing thing.


On the other hand I disliked most of the poorly written Star Wars fiction that I've tried to get into over the years. I've read a dozen or more Star Wars books from various authors and never felt the character representations were accurate or the stories fit very well in the Star Wars universe.  I guess we all have our opinions though!

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I can see from your perspective Elsie your gripes with the new film.


Though as a standalone film even if you take StarWars away from it, I still thought Rogue One was a great film!


Some good gimmicks and homage to the original films. (Apparently the blind guy wacks his head on a doorway during the film obviously referencing the original films where that Stormtrooper whacks his head on that door way! I thought that was great)



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I don't agree so negatively with your views of the movie, but its nice that I'm not the only one. Some thoughts on what you've said.


Titles - this is a pretty minor point, but I agree the title was awful, they should have just skipped it and done a late title card

Music - sadly this is modern cinema and you can't blame star wars for this alone. Music just echos the scene rather than the grander plot. You can't listen to a soundtrack and imagine the movie anymore (the exception being Mad Max Fury Road one of the greatest action films ever made #notbiased)

Episode 7 being designed by committee - Sadly I don't think you can revisit a franchise this big and that cost this much without playing it somewhat safe and sticking with what we know

The last 20% - Sadly the 3rd act is the reason to see this movie! The first 2 acts are not good as they don't focus on developing the characters enough. We never actually care about anyone who lives/dies. The 3rd act is some of the best star wars action I've ever seen and very faithful to the originals.


I probably wont see this again, but it in no way left me as upset as the prequels did. They created silly obstacles for themselves by literally bringing characters back from the dead with CGI that is still many years behind the uncanny valley, rather than writing around them or recasting. They did nothing remotely new, or this was removed in the many reshoots this went through from what I've heard. Overall I just didn't care enough about anyone (see characterisation above) who was in the movie, with the exceptions being the blind force priest and his devoted friend and the robot, that I actually though injected some levity that the movie probably could have either done with more of or abandoned entirely for a much more grim tone.


Sadly, not many people agree with me!

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7 hours ago, Wilkeh said:

You missed like the best scene ever.  I still have a hard on for that "one" scene now! :D


carrie fisher saying 'hope'?

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21 hours ago, Wilkeh said:


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Darth Vader being a bad ass



Shame they didn't let him actually be one towards the cast (apparently he was before the reshoots). The pun was excruciating, but supernerds are quick to say its 'in character'

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