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epic20 Dota 2 Day Two Recap

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We Go Gym vs Jiwad to build a snowman

Game One:

The first game of the day saw two of the middle placed teams in their groups come up against eachother in an upper bracket quarter final. The game started off fast with Jiwad on the Radiant drawing first blood before the horn sounded to signal the start of the game but it looked as if the Dire had the advantage early on as they seemed to take the favourable fights however a fight around Roshan at around 20 minutes turned the game back towards the Radiant as they wiped the Dire and took the aegis. From then on it was a case of timings for Jiwad as they took Roash once more, knowing the aegis could be the key to their victory in this first game. However the Dire were able to hol d their high ground even against the aegis Troll Warlord, killing him twice along with three of his teammates leaving only the Sand King alive. Both teams spent the next 20 minutes trying almost afraid to take a full fight with the networth chart slowly reaching an even point however if there was an advantage then it would have been granted to the Dire as they were able to snatch two gems from Jiwad after the Mirana of Thunderdyne was caught out of position twice. The game finally came to a head at the 55 minute mark as Jiwad entered the Rosh pit forcing WGG to respond and get wiped, however the Dire side used all of their buybacks in order to prevent Jiwad from taking the aegis once again and doing so successfully, killing four Radiant heroes and taking the aegis for their own. The game would continue to go back and forth with heroes from both teams dying all over the map meaning neither side could make a real attempt at ending the game. Eventually after two rapier purchases and mega creeps being taken by the Radiant, Jiwad were able to secure the game after taking a teamfight in the Dire base and destroying WGG and their throne.

Game Two:

Game two had a much quieter flow to it’s play, with only 20 kills in 26 minutes, Jiwad on Dire seemed happy to farm and maintain their gold lead, It took until the 29 minutes in for the first real fight to kick off as WGG stopped the Dire taking Roshan by killing two of their heroes and stealing the aegis for themselves. With the aegis advantage the Radiant decided to play objective gaming, taking the bot tier 1 and 2 towers whilst killing another two Dire heroes. The Radiant continued to snowball catching out 3 of the Jiwad team, before finally wiping them and securing the win for We Go Gym.

Game Three:

The first game three of the elimination round, Jiwad drafted a high mobility draft with the Timbersaw, Puck and Slardar who all combined well with the Lifestealer of DOOPZ who could infest in any of those heroes for a quick infest bomb. This was the main cause of the Dire’s dominance this game as they were able quickly pick off the WGG heroes and then take an objective such as Roshan with the high minus armour provided by the Slardar Corrosive Haze. This was the story for most of the game as the Radiant struggled to really pressure the Jiwad boys as they knew any missteps and they would instantly be blown up by the Dire. The game ended on around 45 minutes as the Dire team would continue to push for mega creeps forcing the Radiant to respond, but their response was not enough as they lost all of their buildings and called GG advancing Jiwan to build a snowman into the next round.

Perilous Ruin vs Jiwan to build a snowman

Game One:

After beating We Go Gym in the last round, Jiwan would come up against their hardest competition yet, number one seed Perilous Ruin, who have not dropped a game all tournament. PR’s quality was evident as they garnered a very large networth lead at the 15 minute mark whilst also having a kill lead of 14-2 at the same time. The game would not last much longer when the Radiant side took the aegis for Chuen on his Luna and began knocking on the high ground of Jiwad with the Shadow Demon and Luna illusion spam. The amount of aoe building damage forced the Dire to respond but it was not enough as they were forced to hand the game to PR in under 20 minutes.

Game Two:

Jiwan made a solid start to game two, finding decent farm in the early game on both their Troll Warlord and Puck and also maintaining a kill lead up until the 15 minute mark, when PR on the Radiant were able to find a couple of kills here and there, boosting their networth lead to well above 10k as they snowballed out of control and onto the Dire high ground. Although Jiwan would put up a good fight killing the Dark Seer and bringing multiple other heroes on the side of PR close to death, the sustain coming out from the mekanism and the Dazzle heals would mean another early GG call at just 18 minutes into the game.

UPPER BRACKET FINAL: Perilous Ruin vs The Super Cool Dudes

Game one:

The first game of this upper bracket final would see PR come up against SCD in a matchup of first vs second seed, the winner advancing to the grand final of the Dota 2 tournament. The game started fast with both teams trading kills early on in an attempt to assert dominance in the early game, however it would take around 25 minutes for a lead to truly show. A fight in the top lane saw three SCD heroes dead and the Dire tier 2 in the top lane gone. The Ursa of Chuen was then caught out in the mid lane and picked off leading to another swing as SCD were able to snatch Roshan during his death timer. With this aegis the Dire decided it was time to fight and fight they did, although it did not go as planned with four of their team being obliterated including the Sniper who had just picked up the aegis. The Dire seemed to no longer be able to fight up against the Ursa and after being wiped once more, SCD called the game at 35 minutes.

Game two:

Game two was a much better overall performance from the Super Cool Dudes, who seemed to calm down after the frustrating end to game one for them, when they seemed to have a solid lead but were just not able to kill the heroes on PR. A masterful showing from Meep on his Invoker led the team forward, even winning an unfavourable fight around the Roshan pit after the Radiant Shadow Fiend had taken the aegis, with a fantastic Chaos Meteor onto all five of the PR heroes. Despite the advantage that the Dire held, PR continued to try to push up onto the high ground, being wiped by SCD and then being forced to buy back and then dying once again inside their own base this time, having to call GG at 35 minutes.

Game three:

In what was the game of the tournament thus far, Perilous Ruin made one of the biggest comebacks in recent memory, coming back from a 30k gold difference in order to make it to the grand finals of the tournament. The game started fairly evenly, both teams trading kills however soon enough the Dragon Knight of Chuen had been shut down fairly effectively by the Super Cool Dudes. The dire side began to snowball very fast as their heroes were able to come online so fast compared to the Terrorblade and Dragon Knight on Perilous Ruin. The gold lead would continue to build until reaching a peak at around 35 minutes when the turnaround began, the global silence from PR causing a number of problems for the Dire as their BKB timers got lower and lower. By 45 minutes in the huge networth advantage that the Dire had built up, had been completely evaporated and Perilous Ruin were now just too strong for them, the Terrorblade seeming completely unkillable. Despite the Rapier purchase on SF, by 49 minutes the game was over as Perilous forced their way down mid and took out all but Slardar on the Dire, with no buybacks.

On Finals day, Perilous Ruin will face the Super Cool Dudes once again in the Grand Finals, and will start with a one game advantage after advancing through the upper bracket.

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