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UK games expo 2017

So it's that time again when I start seeing who is going to the board games expo. 


Im going to be there on the Saturday. I know mort will be there too running his campaigns. (may have grabbed a ticket) 


We normally get a good group of us to go. Hopefully we can meet up again have a good laugh too.


Its the 2nd - 4th June 2 weeks before our next big event :o


Check it out https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk


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I'm there with some friends for the Saturday. Have tickets for both The Dark Room performances and Knightmare Live as well.

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I'll be there all weekend, running and playing RPGs as usual, hope to bump into some folk!

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Just finalised my plans, currently free on the Saturday afternoon/evening  if anyone's around for beer/coffee (depends if I can find crash space) and moar gaming

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    • By Tardcommander
      Hey all! We are very excited to be coming back to our favourite LAN!

      Saturday at 16:00 we will be running a 7 wonders duel fun tournament for a chance to win £10 store credit. All skill levels welcome and we are happy to teach you the game. It’s free to sign up but all we ask is that you do so before Thursday 12th Oct to make sure we have enough copies of the game.

      Along with an array of board games we will be bringing along Star Wars Destiny. The new CCG has boomed in popularity in the last few months so we will be bringing decks along for anyone interested in trying it out.

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      I'll be running RPGs at the UK Games Expo again this year.  I usually bump into some epic folk there so if anyone wants to meet for a pint (or better still, sit down and play a game!) give me a shout here.
      The RPG games are now live on the booking system so if you do want to book a place at my table check them out:
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      As some of you know, myself, supermaz and Tardcommander are opening a board game cafe in Watford.  We have 2 more days of our Kickstarter to go. In celebration of the end of our Kickstarter campaign (and hopefully celebrating that we meet our funding goal!) we are hosting a facebook online event where you can enter competitions and win board game prizes.  

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