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Customary Twilight Imperium 3

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Twilight Imperium 3rd Edition.


Though it didn't take place last LAN, Me and my group are looking to run this again, so far we are 2/6 for this game.

Anyone that wants to sign up just reply to this and I will put your name on the list. Bit of a back story of the game for those who are concerned about joining.


You are a race in a new galaxy after your home galaxy has died, You need to find a new home and become the top race in the new galaxy. To do this you will need to work with and fight your opposition through means of war, Trade and politics in this no holds barred establishment race. Each turn you may need to fight, trade and bribe opponents to reach your goal (10 victory points) Each round will consist of picking a role (Science, research, trade etc) building your fleet/defences and then fighting tooth and nail to keep your establishment, at any point you may offer trade in ways of favours or indeed promise not to crush someone like ants under your thumb. Note, However, nothing is ever set in stone, and no where does it state you must fulfil your side of the bargain.


Now for the Mechanics:

This game is 4-8 hours long and will be hosting on the Thursday night (10pm). I will give a brief but clear explanation of the game and set a house rule for new players: for the first 2 turns, you are under pacifism, you cannot be attacked, however the second you attack someone in those first 2 turns, then good luck.


The game is set in three phases:


1. Building and Roles:

In this phase is used to pick your role and build your fleet - Simples


2. Activation, movement and combat

   2A. Activation is where you will use your role cards and any powers that are stated in this phase. You may now place your freshly built units in a system that has a dock.

   2B. Now you MAY move you units according to they're movement stat

   2C. Combat works in many phases usually starting with ranged attack, you will bombard a neighbouring system to clear number then/or move units into a system, once moving in, the attacking player opens combat (Will elaborate more during the game) Combat works in turn based combat one after another until someone retreats (Standing player gets a free chance to shoot the coward) or last man standing in the system, then you may activate the planets to conquer (if moving into an empty space you skip combat)


3. Clean-up, refresh cards, check to see if you completed any mission cards for points then back to step one.


All this will take place until someone reaches 10 Victory points, or if you've been especially god like in the art of war, you nuke everyone to the point they can no longer build.


I am welcoming to new players and veterans alike and will be more than happy to run a few games through table top sim if you are still unsure.


Thanks for your time and I look forward to seeing you in a galaxy far, far away!

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16 hours ago, left-one said:

tyrant pleb one here to be slaghtered :)


Shwank! Added 3/6, Prepare to face the wrath of [Insert what race I've chosen] I will overcome all obstacles, get your bribes ready, Get rich by the means of people bribing me not to conquer home systems! Also, fair warning, arguments always start on turn 3, first to hands are very hand shaking and trust and then BACK STAB TURN THREE DIE!

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So we are currently 4/6 on this, 4 or more on this game is awesome, so there are 2 more spaces (hehehehehehe) left, below are the current players:


1. ChronoWolf

2. Left-One

3. TheLongDark

4. Maya

5. Available

6. Available


We will be starting at 21:00 Thursday night, beer and drinks (beers and what-not) and snacks welcomed, we will be taking breaks during the game (Due to the length). If you want in either PM me or Quote this message. I will be putting up a rules PDF link here and in Discord closer to the time and will run through an explanation of the game when we sit down to play.

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Don't mind me, just playing bumper cars, this list is not strict so if spaces are available at the time you are more than welcome to fill the slots (as long as it's before we start)

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