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    • By DragonEye
      First of all, forgive me if that's not the place to post this, I made an account just for this.
      As the title says, I'm a dota player and I'm looking for people to play with at the lan. I realize that the dates to register are long due, but if there's a possibility to replace a missing player or if a spot opens in any way, I'd be willing to fill it.
      Here's steam profile and dotabuff for reference:
    • By Toast
      Hey guys, I'm 14 and wondering if there are clans around looking for a 5th? I'm supreme, 1700 hours and wanting to get some experience at my first LAN.
      Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/7070707070070707/
    • By Horse
      I'm a 3k MMR player looking for a team, have been upto 3.8k solo. Can play pretty much any position and 90% of heroes.. (can't micro for shit!)
      Hopefully some team needs an extra player!
      Best player EU, ez rares, ez katka cyka blyat..