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Epic 23 - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

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The usual rules folks,  free fire as well, don't hold back.


The Good

  • best epic event ever, no hiding that, might have been the best Lan i've ever been too. i can't remember many of them over the last 10 years, but yeh
  • well organised
  • well managed 
  • well maintained
  • despite my early predictions about a pootroplis engulfing the KCC, the toilets were good to go all event, only one occasion where there was no paper but other toilets were available. 
  • got to mention the guys, the 404 community helped me celebrate my 10 years of lanning in style, bought me cake and a card, helped with the construction and deconstruction of the grand hall, and community tents, love everyone loads.
  • the streetfighter film/game went down a storm, and was honestly a major highlight of the weekend
  • the pub quiz had an excellent mix of questions and challenges, we won as a result
  • the boat race was actually an enjoyable experience both during and afterwards
  • late night lanwiches were good and didn't give food poisoning 
  • shout out to the day time security guard, who was very friendly and polite, more importantly he recognised most of the punters during the event meaning he didn't need to stop everyone all the time to check wristbands.
  • epic staff becoming ever closer friends 
  • dishing out those drinking mugs to winbar, mrated and reech, and having a little speech right before the pub quiz will be a memory i take to the grave. sorry more of you didn't get mugs but they don't grow on tree's unfortunately, and i'd already robbed a bank to afford this event
  • a decent selection of drinks at the bar
  • tj's rocket fail.
  • the cold keeping many of the gypsies out the campsite. 
  • the KCC staff seemed happy to be part of the event
  • didn't experience the food much sadly, though it looked nice and the chips that i stole actually tasted good.


The bad

  • the bar running out of the the middle barrel pretty quickly, then followed by staroprahamen and a bunch of other stuff.
  • the bar prices were still somewhat prohibitive for a good drinking session. 
  • finding out that they were selling carling bottles (500ml) at 2 for £4 after spending the entire afternoon drinking pints of carling for £4
  • some sods on the saturday night sitting down and playing a game of jackbox in the board game room, we were playing a game ourselves, and they stole all the wifi and killed our game, thought not their fault i guess.


The Ugly

  • My wallet at the end of event, shit i spent a lot. 
  • Lan came and went far to quickly
  • a lot of angry people at this event. 


My Two Cents:


  honestly epic, best event ever in my opinion, and i'm sure other members 404 will agree. i'm sure they'r plenty of points I've missed that others will pick up. but yeah, it was pretty incredible, i hope to buying a ticket for next event very soon. 



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And awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay we goooooooo (wait, that was Rick and Morty LAN?)




Dukey's 10th LANniversary. Pulled out all the stops dude. Props.


Dukey's face when we sang him Happy LAN Day with his cake. Like a kid at christmas. Beautiful.


The LANkards. They'll be coming back to every LAN with me.


404 Centurion - Becoming quite the tradition. Good to see our ranks growing exponentially and fucking lols at that surprise Hoedown half way through, i honestly didn't know you benders were so into your country music. People asked me about the song we were dancing to and you can find it on spotify here. (John Ryan's Polka/New York Girls.)


My Tent and Stove. -7C eh? The Night King can suck a fat one. Though the other 404 members huddling in my tent were beginning to distinctly look like The Others towards the end of LAN. That stove was 'too hot to sit next to' in the morning, quick piss and put the coffee on. Camping at it's finest!


Night's Watch LAN. Lotta work went in from a few people to make that look as good as it did. The drunken brawling was funny.


Pub Quiz win. Always a highlight. Winbar sounded a bit salty about the number of people on our team but i can assure you, there's literate apes that qualify as homo sapiens before many of them do. Plus other teams had as many people as us?


Overcooked. Jesus wept that game is funny when you've had a few. Utter chaos. Ash throwing everything we made over the edge or in the bin because he'd lost all hand eye coordination.


Gang Beast. Really good build on that atm, must make sure we play more next LAN.


The ShiteWalker. He may have looked like grandad had shat his pants and been dressed in whatever we could find but he was a fine mascot.


Good to see some familiar faces from Epic. Even got a hug from M, quite the bromance he's in for there ....


Gunmens for knowing where my LANkard ended up. Good lad.


The Ford LANsit Van. Three dudes and their stuff squeezed in there pretty well.


The facilities have improved alot. KCC were genuinely more on top of supplies/cleaning this time and you could tell. Keep up the good work.


Avoiding the catering at KCC entirely. Just the look and smell of that food makes me want to hurl. 404 LAN Breakfast Club for £6.50, yes please. Good effort to Dom for helping me cook and to Pen0r for the sausages. (and Ale. Go to bread.)


Portland Room. I think we may have found our niche. Some people were sleeping under a desk that was meant to be used for one of our community members (who didn't show up this time fortunately) - i know inside sleeping was expanded due to the weather but might need to be a bit smarter on the sleeping and blocking aisle next time. Fortunately it wasn't a problem this time but better not leave it to luck (or Garner's attendance fail) next time.


No CSGO screamers. Thank fuck.


Speechcraft Level 100.


The Rocket Launch success .....




The Satellite Fail .....


Shot of Gin & Tequila post pub quiz win. This needs to stop being a tradition .....


Freezing cold shower on Friday morning. I know the weather was below the temperature these places are designed to meet so can't complain too much but jesus wept that cleared out the cobwebs!


Drink prices. pls. slabs pls.


Garner not turning up with the monitor i've already paid him for. If you're reading this, i know where you live.




Missing Willybeans due to his health. See you next LAN fellow Great Ape.


Lost both of my pint carriers :(




PUBG tournament. Just lol. I'm not sure how a game based on anonymity and stealth is going to work in a room where everyone else can see each other screens. I think squads might be a better idea next time?


The dude (admin?) who got lippy on Friday night after the pub quiz. Came over to our group and obviously had had too much to drink, fortunately he left before things came to blows.


Apparently a security guard was sniffing around my stuff on my desk while we were down playing Quiplash (i'd like to say the bald guy but aren't they all?) as spotted by another member of our community sat in the opposite row. Not sure why this was done or whether they're allowed to do that? Come and ask next time please and i'll be happy to show you around!




All in all a really good LAN. Good effort guys and keep up the good work.

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On 01/03/2018 at 11:33, The_Joy said:

Shot of Gin & Tequila post pub quiz win. This needs to stop being a tradition .....


This... I have no memory of this. Explains more than a few things.

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The Good

- Great atmosphere as always from fellow LANers.

- Some good banter again with staff as we were next to the staff tables.

- Reech finding some last minute prizes for winner and runner up of the Minecraft Hunger Games. I now have an awesome dragon hat from MSI :D

- Sleeping... I have never slept well at epic in the past but this time I had no trouble at all. I must be getting old.


The Bad

- Still not impressed with KCC catering when it comes to food temperature but I've been told more improvements are likely on the way again so thumbs up to that.

- Being really cold in the mornings when the a/c had been on all night. Luckily I had a coat with me! Soon warmed up as people got up.

- Internet speeds were dire at peak times topping out at 60KB/s which isn't ideal when you need a quick patch or something that isn't cached.


The Ugly

- The PUBG chat turned very salty when someone couldn't join the game and wouldn't let it go. No need to carry on after the point was made.

- The pain in my stomach after eating far too much pizza...


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the food had a BIG step up from last event :)

all the staff (EPIC & KCC)in general


the fun tounaments(lots of people taking apart;))

wrestling being in the right catagory in the pub quiz :)



not getting a pub quiz team :(







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What did I do Leftone !



proving EpicBunny can be put on top of the new gallery speaker ;)

KCC catering - better choice this time


Pub quiz



street fighter : the movie on any other day

not able to make the next lan


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On 04/03/2018 at 11:55, left-one said:

wrestling being in the right catagory in the pub quiz :)

In the entertainment round with Ant & Dec :)

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22 hours ago, Dunceantix said:

In the entertainment round with Ant & Dec :)

WWE v Saturday Night Takeaway that would be Entertainment

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