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Morning gents.


Can anyone suggest a classifieds site or forum thats primarily focused on tech? I suffer from a disorder called CUD (Compulsive Upgrade Disorder), and get this itch to rebuild my PC every so often, but I cant always afford new.

Back in SA, we had a huge community of like CUD sufferers, where it was pretty easy to source anything you wanted second hand.  Anything similar in the UK? Im not a fan of Gumtree or Ebay as there is no "community" and you're never sure what you're gonna get. Perhaps we could make a section in on this forum?



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Most groups I am in for this tend to be location based so "COUNTYNAME Buy, Sell, Swap PC parts" but this one seems to be UK wide: https://www.facebook.com/groups/wookies.pcfreaks


We do have a section of the forums but it has a 10 post requirement before you can see it.


As the forums are a little quiet these days it may be worth using the #promotion channel in our Discord (https://discord.gg/epiclan)


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