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Let's level up for 2019

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It's time to step up again as we announce our dates for 2019. After many sell-out events over recent years, we've finally agreed to move into the arena space at Kettering Conference Centre which will start to give us significantly more capacity, especially when combined with the new internet connection we had from the last event. 

So get your diaries, in 2019 we'll be bringing you epic.LAN events on the following dates:

  • epic26 - 7-10 February - 650 Spaces
  • epic27 - 13-16 June - 450 Spaces
  • epic28 - 10-13 October - 650 Spaces

For February and October, the entire event will take place on the ground floor of the centre, using the Lakeside and Arena spaces for participants. 

We're working on the detailed plans for the arena layout and will share these soon, but it will include areas for specific games so casual and competitive communities can sit together as well as all of the activities that currently take place in the Gallery area, with a bigger stage space. It will also be home to the bar and catering areas as well as the epic.SHOP so you don't have to travel far for your food and drink. The majority of our staff teams will also be sitting together in the arena so you won't have to go far to get any help and it will be better for our own communication too. 

Our June event is currently the smallest of the year and the venue didn't have any other availability for 2019, so we've retained this as a smaller event using the existing event spaces. 

Growing the event by over 1/3 is going to be a challenge for us, but we've done it before and we're determined to make sure that it stays the same epic.LAN you all love, just bigger and better! 

KCC 2019

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