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Big Games at epic25

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So, the votes are in from the Big Game twitter-chatter last week, and your ringmaster Reech has tabulated the scores, and will announce that the games we'll be playing at epic25 in the Big Games schedule are as follows...


Unreal Tournament 2K4 (£8.99 on Steam) 

Golf with your Friends (£4.79) and\or Golf It (£5.99)

CoD4: Promod (£19.99) 

Rainbow 6 Seige (£11.99)

DoD: Source (£7.19)

Worms: Armageddon (£10.99) - although we may be playing this as a group in the Gallery!

Quake 3 Arena (12.99) - although Quake Live (£6.99) may be a choice here!

Minecraft Hunger Games (Java version £17.95) 

Armagetron (£Free!)

Blur (Currently unavailable, but a LAN favourite that many of us have - but you might want to prep Flatout 2 (£5.99) as well...)

CS Fun Maps (£7.19)

Team Fortress 2 (£Free)


We'd also encourage you to have Half Life 2 Deathmatch around (GravGun FTW, if there's not enough Garry'sModders!) plus, take a look through past epics and see what you'd like to join in with because remember - we can run other stuff as well, as can you lot - just give the Lakeside Desk Crew a shout, and we'll do everything we can to get people warmed up and playing in the games.  Even if people like @habzvip are trying to use her exploity powers in Golf with Your Friends, or if @FaultForce is trying to persuade you to go toe-to-toe with one of his decks in Heathstone (and the less said about @Blossy and his Tetris-fetish the better...) - we're still wanting to run MORE games that you want to play.


We'll be announcing the actual schedule for the Big Games next week, but for now, start your engines!

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which version of TETRIS does Blossy play - I have been looking for someone to play against

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