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Indoor sleeping

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Where are we using for indoor sleeping ?

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    • By Makali
      Guys and Girls.
      Can we please take 5 minutes to think about where you put your beds.
      I don't fancy climbing over bodies to get in and out of my bed, and I'm pretty sure those same bodies don't fancy me kicking them or worse, me tripping and landing on them in the attempt.
      Please have the common sense to leave an area around your bed that people can walk past, or better yet lets not block up pathways.
      And while your reading this please remember to turn of your work alarms......
    • By left-one
      want to mention two things
      1)seating defrags will be happening closer to the event so make use of clan tags and contacting the defragger with info for your group/friends.
      2)leave walking space in sleeping areas PLEASE.(I dont want to injure my self)
      this is not about causing arguements.