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Rocket League - one more player required.

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Hi guys,


We will be entering two teams again into the Rocket League tournament at Epic 26 but unfortunately only have 5 players. We require one more player. Looking for Champ 1/2 player if possible, but happy to hear from anyone!



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    • By Frozen
      Me and my friend are looking for a 3rd player for the Rocket league tournament at epic26! We are both platinum 1 players and if we are being honest just participating for the fun of being included!
      Feel free to reply or drop me a message here or on steam! Steam ID is dazzo2008.
    • By Termin8or3000Xtreme
      Is anybody looking to join an Overwatch team or needing anybody to join their team?
      There are currently two of us and I've created a team but there is only one mercenary on the list currently and the messaging system isn't working to contact them anyway.
      I noticed that most of the teams don't have the 6 required people so what will happen on the day?  Will we just be merged into teams of 6?
    • By DwG_iCoN
      Hi all,
      Was very glad to see the number of teams at Epic 21's Rocket League fun tournament. Shame I couldn't attend! I really liked the look of the round robin format to ensure lots of games for all teams. Can't wait for Epic 22 and hoping there is a good turn-out with good competition.
      Just wanted to collect interest and get a rough idea of those who are planning on entering the event? We are entering 2 separate teams so a bit of rivalry between the ranks!