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The Good

The arena was really great for a first event on that layout. I think the only improvement I could think of was on the stage it was really dark, so maybe a lighter backdrop and more lighting would improve it hugely. Bigger screens would be nice but I know you opted for those over a projector for various reasons.


Lakeside - Staff got us doing all sorts of things including a big singalong and plenty of fun games. More of this please! :D 


The Bad

Brought my wheel in anticipation of some racing and none happened! :( And on top of that the Forza matchmaking servers wouldn't work either so I couldn't make up for it that way. Thanks to one of the epic staff whose name I forget that kindly came to diagnose that for us, sadly it was Microsoft's fault we think.


The music request system - I love that it uses Spotify as that means we can request anything on there, but I think there needs to be a restriction on how many songs you can request and how many from one artist per hour like we used to have on the internal request system. When people make 10-20 requests one after the other it can get quite annoying if the genre or artist isn't of your personal taste. It would also be nice if you could see what songs were coming up next in a better way. It seemed to be random sometimes and not others, and you couldn't tell where it's up to in the list either.


Missed out on getting an epic hoodie, but that's my fault for forgetting and leaving it until Saturday evening! Whoops :) I'll grab one next time.


Group games seemed a bit empty compared to previous events, possibly due to a lot of them not running on time. I also didn't get any Steam pop-ups for things that were about to begin which was useful in the past as they come up in game (did you stop using it due to having the epic.hub?).


The Ugly

Lack of sleep, my bad back and having a cold :( Sugar and paracetamol kept me going through this one!



I'll finish with a shout out to the epic crew for putting on another great event. See you in October! (damn you clashing with Le Mans in June!)

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The Good

Great layout overall and in lakeside enough space for everything, indoor sleeping right distance from the gaming halls.

great atmostshpere in lakeside, and great fun torunaments.

The internet speed even on wifi.

Lakeside - Staff got us doing all sorts of fun games. More of this please!


The Bad

The music request system, great that we can request anything, but really should be limited to a couple per person per an hour otherwise 1 or 2 people take it over. Also Sat night some songs that came on where really offisive, even for LAN, songs about jimmy savlie and nigal friage are not okay even somewhere as laid back as LAN. Possibly got a bit too loud at points too as if im at my desk i wanna game not sing along, There a main stage/bar area for that....


Was not clear where to get drinking water, i bruaght my own refillable bottle but most the weekend i did not know where to refill it.


The Ugly

I suck at most games and did not come prepared, and had to download stuff there and missed a couple of games because of that.

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40 minutes ago, anoamas321 said:

nigal friage - come ON man, why is it that everyone feels like they must be offended at anything and everything. Jeez.

40 minutes ago, anoamas321 said:

Was not clear where to get drinking water - cant edit this properly for some reason. However, I must agree with this point. The fact that I was denied tap water by Kettering staff is a shambles. Basic human right tbh. "We don't have a tap, you can buy some though". Don't get annoyed often, but being denied tap water makes me want to throw fists.

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Probably one for us to note on the maps next time, upstairs toilets that we used to use have a drinking water tap (and they were still in use for the event). 

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Yep as I put above, it was there, just a briefing/communication issue that needs sorting for next time both our side and with the venue. 

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Fucking Amaze

1. Arena was magnificent

2. Lanmaster and retro night. The stage content was original and refreshing and made me want to go to the stage. It reminded me of the original days of iSeries when shedboy did all the random shows on stage like the sock puppet.



1. Reech

2. KCC catering, regardless of criticism, was alright. Breakfast was fine and chilli is chilli. The staff were a cheerful lot and always provided good service. Lovely bunch.

3. Reech

4. Good vibes all round

5. More new people joining us for Werewolves. Cheers for advertising on the timetable/screens. We had 18 people playing on Saturday night which is one of the biggest games I've ever seen at Epic.



1. The two TV's in Lakeside were next to one another and one of the TV's could've been put next to the helpdesk.

2. The Lakeside helpdesk team were a little disconnected from the LAN folk. Maybe it's because I wasn't familiar with most of them.

3. Posting YouTube videos on the projector screen on Sunday in Lakeside.

4. Pub quiz rounds were tedious especially after a couple of drinks. Some of the teams just didn't care anymore half way in.

6. Stage speakers. The further away you were from the stage the harder it was to hear. The production team had to constantly adjust the volume of game audio and voices.

7. Pub quiz questions didn't appear on the screen when they were read out. This would've been helpful as we struggled to hear Winbar from further back 



1. Waluigi WAH not making a big appearance at this event

2. Not seeing Reech enough </3


Overall a great event as always and a big thank you to Winbar and the team for making it happen. Cheers!

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Hey Girl. Hey Boy. Superstar TJ. Here we go;


The Ugly

- Debatably just a bad item but so infuriating it was that it gets relegated here. Yes ladies and gentlemen i am talking about the use, or more specifically, the non use of the usual KCC entrance. Sitting security next to a door to stop people using it rather than just checking wrist bands is as INSANE as it sounds. Learn from nature, a force will always take the path of least resistance. Making someone walk a 20 minute round trip to grab something from their tent or car is a criminal waste of human life. Fortunately those on the front desk had the brains to overlook this policy. Please borrow some of their common sense when considering this policy in the future.


The Bad

- The music in Lakeside. As mentioned by others, the noise was more obnoxious than usual. I understand epic want to garner a community spirit in this area, maybe even a bit of a party atmosphere? But just turning the volume up and drowning out any other noise (which happened on more than one occasion by more than one of the admin staff) is not how you do it. We're all sat with headsets on? I just ..... it defies logic?? A good many times the music was louder than my headset with the volume maxed out, god rest the ear drums of the guys who were sat in direct line or adjacent to the speakers. Maybe relocating this is an idea? Let the masses come to the party rather than imposing it on them?? and if it turns out not to be popular then your answer is ...

- The smash tourney ... one of the best attended fun tournies of the weekend thrown in the corner of the arena whilst the main stage and seating was used for???? Again, another rethink please!


The Good

- Good amount of fun tournies and timed better than usual.

- Ben & Ben2 and his crew who sat opposite us in LK. Good bunch of guys who seemingly enjoyed the 404 banter, also good to play PUBG with them and all round good sports .... now just to annex them into 404 ....

- BREXIT LAN was good laugh

- The showers on Friday morning were actually quite respectable for a change. The first (and only) time ive EVER heard the drain working though i credit this for having figured out when and using the showers after the regular morning fumigation by KCC

- Beer. Good to see a different choice for a change. The Citra is the tits but it was getting particularly yeasty half way down, maybe let it settle longer if possible next time? The Taylor served as a moderate replacement. Just the cost ..... plz .... you can buy a bottle of citra for 1.20 a fecking Waitrose

- 10TMP was a good craic

- Calm Down Stalin. Just lol.

- VR stuff in lakeside was good though constantly 5 deep in queue. Some peeps need to learn to play shorter tracks on Beat Saber or give it up to the peep behind.

- Good to see Rock band again but not a pair of guitars??

- Keeping the CS screamkids kettled in their own pen on the other side of the venue. Top work.

- The pub quiz. Good lolz but looked a bit rushed at the end, probably due to dem jaegers (excellent work btw)

- The admins in general. More banter with you guys than usual seemingly, met a few more of you, keep up the good work.

- LANMaster. I guess.


And that's the way the news goes.


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I know some of these things may be out of Epic control and or not directly controlled by them but this is my GBU


The Good

- Epic lan

- The arena was pretty impressive

- Beat Saber (really hope i win that scan comp for the vr headset)

- The Epic Staff

- The sound level in lakeside was spot on, not too loud and not to quiet well done to whoever was in charge of that

- Spending one evening night with some of the Epic staff and guests and finding out they are fans of similar music (involving a Korean dictator and a lovely bomb ;p) and just having a general chat. Was a good time :)

- Spending time with friends i dont normally see in person

- Playing new boardgames (of which i now must own thanks LOTH -_- :P)

- Epic Hub seemed to work for the most part.

- The Epic shop well stocked and great prices

- A special well done again for the staff in Lakeside


The Bad

- Song choices (bob the builder etc)

- The Food, went i think saturday lunch time was there 5 mins before they started serving, when they started i got burger and chips... the burger was tasteless and the chips were cold. How the chips could be cold just as they had opened i dont know.

- Bar Prices, yeah yeah i know going to pay premium not Epic that sets the prices etc etc.

- The usual entrance being closed. Ok i guess epic didnt want to man another entrance but the fact you went around the "do not use these doors" to go to bed just totally makes the point of those door being lock void. Not the end of the world but seemed like a needless pain really.

- The smash bros tournament i went to but ended up leaving as it was taking forever to actually start.


The Ugly

Erm these aint really UGLY issues but i have to try and think of something.


- The music request system not having any sort of spam protection system and people able to just mass request music.

- There was only one beat saber set up :P

- Epic.Lan wasnt long enough

- i didnt see any epic 26 pins dont know if they were on sale or not, got a 25 would have liked a 26


Not an Ugly for this event but for Epic 27.... It clashes with download festival :'(





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The big breakfast was excellent, a much needed change to the bread and water diet.


Despite leaving early, I thoroughly enjoyed myself.


It felt like being backstage at Robot Wars (from my imagination) being in the Sports Hall this time. 


See you soon :-)

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    • By Progspawn
      The Good:
      Portland was the best room to be in as always. Casual enough to not be hearing NICE or what I can only assume is some 13 year olds balls being caught in a vice judging by the screaming in Fair Isle. Not so casual that you can't hear your own thoughts due to some shitty music being played out of speakers right next to your head. Temperature was cold, which is way better than being roasted alive in the other rooms. Smash tournament. I hadn't played it in about 3 months but it was a pleasure to get my rusty self bodied in the semi finals. Hope you enjoyed your prizes (not you 2nd place). Those buckets better have been empty by the end of the day. Back to back beer pong champ. Crushing Penors confidence and watching him go into shutdown. DIGNITY, DIGNITYYYYYYYYYY. Somehow winning the first round of the PUBG tournament despite being incredibly hungover and again not having played the game in months. Staff was incredibly helpful. I had network issues throughout the event and the help to sort it out was great. @Beej was best boi and wins MVP this lan. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SUkgixdMLbU Winding up @gunmens on the Thursday evening. Can I see your wristbands please? Lots of Mordhau Thursday night dinner. Enjoying the classic Greek dish 'Spaghetti and Meatballs'. Pizza time Archery and the Native Americlan. HOW. @Ashman KOing himself within 5 minutes of showing up to LAN.  
      The Bad:
      Pub quiz. Could barely hear it at the back of the hall. Need some more speakers at the back or in the middle. Didn't help that the table next to us were broadcasting their conversation for all to hear. Phone watch was pretty lacking as well, saw a few teams on their phones throughout the quiz. Bar staff. Actually got asked by one of them what barrel the citra was in.  
      The Wiggly:
      @Ashmans eye. My network issues I had throughout. Someone in Lakeside had the same IP address as me. The weather. The giant smoke signal that was sent out because of the weather. Nothing caught fire, and that was the issue. Penors disgust of anything Tunnocks.
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