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[E27] Looking for transport from W. Yorkshire (WF6)

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Hey all, hoping to get some transport to and from Epic27 from West Yorkshire. Willing to provide petrol money, dank tunes and top notch banter. 



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    • By Gumpster
      Hello Guys & Gals,
      Firstly, this is a little short notice and late, however this is due to the fact that ticket sales have only just started picking up over the last few weeks, and the seating plan has started to get a little fragmented as a result.
      To make everyone aware, only the rooms named PORTLAND & FAIR ISLE will be getting defragged. Lakeside still has plenty of seats (and we can always open another row if needed to accommodate any late ticket sales).
      Please be aware, if you are part teams then you will need to get your players to buy tickets as soon as possible otherwise I will end up bunching part teams together to make space for others.
      This is a major responsibility to shoulder with regards to the seating plan and how to keep everyone fairly happy. In previous events, we have accomplished of keeping the majority of people happy with this, however please understand that this is a tough thing to accomplish. We have people attending on their own, all the way up to groups of 10+. We will be reaching out as much as possible to organise this the best we can. The logistics of this is very time consuming and takes a lot of work by ourselves. We are happy to discuss alternatives and as much as we want everyone to be 100% happy, there may need to be some compromises and I would ask that you work with us to come to such agreements if needed.
      As a final further point. We will not tolerate any sort of toxicity within this thread or anywhere on these forums or any other public forum (social media, discord etc.) Please respect both ourselves and each other throughout this process. We don't do this for our own benefit, we do this to make sure everyone has a... EPIC LAN!
      Here are some vital things to follow
      The seating plan will be LOCKED on June 8th & 9th for me to do the changes necessary. If you have any specific requests, please use this thread to communicate and please make sure you communicate these requests in a efficient manner (ie please check with others in your group or groups that everything is as it should be). Once June 9th (at 11pm) rolls around, I will take no further requests from anyone and the seating plan will be locked until LAN.
    • By TractorManager
      Hi everyone,
      Would anybody happen to be travelling from London? I'm based in West London, and potentially looking for a lift to LAN. I'd be more than happy to contribute to fuel money
    • By reech
      The time is now... 
      Advance notice to get those games bought and downloaded, skills upgraded, things planned, and plot which games you're going to take part in to rack up as many Championship Points to see if you can wrest the Community Championship belt from Inferno!
      Fistful of Frags
      Half Life 2: Deathmatch (Gravity Gun Games)
      Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy
      Quake 3
      Battlefield 4
      Team Fortress 2
      CS:GO Arms Race
      CS:GO Prop Hunt
      Driving Big Games
      Euro Truck Simulator 2 : The Revenge of DutyHero
      Misc Big Games
      Minecraft Hunger Games (Java Edition)
      Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
      Golf with your Friends
      Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Solos (Big Game)
      Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Squads (Big Game)
      Whiteboard & Quick Games in Lakeside
      Board Games Sessions: Accentuate, Resistance, Town of Salem, Werewolves
      ROW OFF! - Row vs. Row challenges
      Quick Quiz Card Challenge
      Axiom Soccer
      Rainbow 6 Siege
      And absolutely positively no karaoke. Just no.
      The timetable will go up nearer the event date.
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    • bakewell

      Me and a mate are attending the Cardiff CS:GO qualifiers. Looking to join a team that needs 2 x mercs.
      We've been playing since 1.6 on and off, are part of an online team, and are usually rank LE+
      Get in touch if you have availability. Steam name: myalternativeaccount or just message on here.
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    • Solarr

      epic24 seems so long ago and I haven't been back since. Having taken the 3v3 Rocket League tournament, I'm hungry for more.
      And so...
      I have plans to return to epic27 with a new team behind me! I am incredibly excited as epic24 was my first taste of a LAN and I loved every minute of it. It's completely worth the 700 miles round trip and I'm ready to do it all over again!

      · 1 reply
    • BackByDemand  »  Digsy

      Are you still looking for a team? Our 3rd went AWOL
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