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XBOX live / PlayStation Network Ids

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Being part of an online gaming community i thought we should have a thread where we could share our online Ids for Xbox live and PlayStation network, allowing other epic members to add you to their friends list and possibly bother you for a game or two.

I will aim to keep the list updated to save you having to trawl through this thread

AcheaShadow - XBOX: AcheaShadow PSN: Achea Shadow

Adunas - XBOX: Lord Dodd
bindip - XBOX: mannny89
daftchip - XBOX: Babyshambled
David - XBOX: d4v1d05 PSN: CoachAids
DCX - XBOX: andrewowen41 PSN: andrew41

Draken - XBOX: TheDraken85
Gunmens - XBOX: zomg gunmens
Gunsmith - PSN: Ein-Sof
Hg - XBOX / PSN: Hg80UK
MRated - XBOX: MRatedUK

M0RT - XBOXNotSoNinja75

Narella - XBOX: narellacat
niax - XBOX: niax
Neon - PSN: Neon1024
Raz - XBOX / PSN: Raz62
Riot - XBOX / PSN: Riotdante
Rizzo - XBOX: Rizzo00 PSN: Riizzo
Saboo - PSN: Sabooji
Sakey - XBOX: S4key
superchief - XBOX: supergiler
swyft - XBOX / PSN: vswyft
Winbar - XBOX: Winbar
Zenith - PSN: ZenithUK

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